Welcome to the incredibly informal website of Riako and whatever she likes enough to type about.
Expect the occasional bout of strong language, bluntness, and a weird sense of humor.

14/02/2012: More or less redid the ParaMania page. (Also, 3k+ page view milestone)
02/01/2021: Roughly two weeks of being distracted by Animal Crossing later, and somehow this website now has the bare minimum to be considered a Websiteâ„¢! Happy 2021, by the way
20/12/2020: Finally getting back to this website, it's a Christmas miracle! Expect a lot of "updates" as I make the layout less annoying to copy-paste to new pages. (Also, 2k views at some point between mid-October and now)
19/10/2020: Oof, StepMania consumed my life again.
02/09/2020: Now that my self-imposed deadline for the ParaMania stuff is out of the way, I can work on other things a bit more, like this website... I'm not doing a very good job at this
28/08/2020: Oh dear. 1k views already. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but thanks anyways.
I'm not really doing that good of a job of adding all the stuff I want to here 'cause I'm busy with other things, but at the very least I think I have a few ideas in mind for a site identity that isn't just "The web site of riako". We'll see. : )

Hey, I'm Liz, and I'm a personal trainer! It's time to Walk It Out and get fit to over 100 of your favorite songs! You can get in shape using your Wii Remote and Nunchuk, your Wii Balance Board, and even your DanceDanceRevolution controller! That's right - I'm talking to you, dad! Lookin' good! C'mon, kids! Great work, keep it up! And don't forget, Walk It Out is filled with minigames, and a unique world you create and explore! So if you aren't breaking a sweat just yet - you will be!

Site "content"

The site header is loaded through JavaScript, so in case it doesn't load; here's the various sections of the site.

About this website (and me, I guess).

A page about (mostly incomplete) things I've made in StepMania!

A miscellaneous conglomeration of... stuff. Yes.

The Links page, to trawl elsewhere on the Interblag.

Other places you might be able to find me

My Soundcloud that I rarely upload to, because I lack the motivation to produce stuff and courage to upload finished stuff 90% of the time!

Discord, I guess? (you'll have to pester me for my username, though.)

[insert list of loads of other websites that I never socially interact on here]

You can look at my Artbreeder profile, if that interests you.

And, of course, on Neocities... if I ever check my profile. (I have awful social anxiety lmao)