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pwease note: any advice given in this section is,, probably rly bad advice u shouldnt take to heart???

cute things to surround yourself with:

  1. anything can be cute if you try hard enough

how to subvert EVERYONE'S expectations as a moé girl:

  1. swear a lot (sometimes all it takes is one swear word though)
  2. obtain a knife (🔪) or a gun (🔫) - or, if you're not legally allowed to own either, try posing with a horror prop knife~
  3. hurt a friend (or even kill them depending on the situation)
  4. out of the way of obviously harmful things, apparently getting things like tattoos and piercings can subvert expectations? idk it doesn't always work
  5. same for drinking alcohol and smoking, but these can harm you if you do them too much :(
  6. work out with intent to build muscle... yeah, ppl expect moé girls to be fit and thin, but what abt fit and s t r o n g ?? ╰(★ω★)╯
  7. bein a gay/bi moé girl isn't all that subversive anymore, even in japan, so how bout this; be asexual Σ(°ロ°) (i know it's not a change that can be made overnight if at all, but if you're tired of anime fans of all genders doting on you...)
  8. play games like call of duty (and similar first person shooter games) - also see list entry #1
  9. get into horror series; but depending on how psychologically demanding the series you get into is, this might backfire and you'll want to bury yourself in something kawaii anyway (´• ω •`)
  10. listen to aggressive hardcore music like death metal or gabber... or even harder like grindcore, if you're brave enough
  11. produce music? one of the aforementioned genres for the win! stuck writing lyrics for radio-friendly pop/idol music/etc? morbid/depressing lyrics time (*♡∀♡) (TODO: find examples~)
  12. be a moé guy instead (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
  13. whatever else I forgot

cool places for cute graphics
i dont personally use all of them but hopefully you'll find something you like ( ´ ▽ ` )

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

⇩ (´・ω・) the websites linked below are Japanese, though that's not much of a barrier with a translator on hand ⇩

ASTERISM 幻想素材サイト First Moon FOOL LOVERS flower&clover PixelGaro カツのGIFアニメ さくらぽっぷ 素材屋405番地

⇩ these websites are largely paid material but have a good amount of freebies ⇩

⇩ these websites are actually "digital scrapbooking" sites which is actually fairly distinct from normal graphic design. again, it's largely paid materials, and a lot of it doesn't allow commercial usage (probably not a problem for most neocities users!!), but- 🥺 i rly like some of the designs from them, and i've even used some of their materials in what few graphics i've currently made for this page, so u should give them a look (* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ ⇩

You look at the candy and think about how tasty it is. You think about how delicious it would be if you ate it with tea. You think about how delicious it would be if you ate it with milk. You think about how delicious it would be if you ate it with chocolate