I do StepMania things. Who'd have thought?
Here's proof that I make things.

Finished projects

Uhh... haha, well, you see...........

WIP projects

EKS-D ParaMania

Single-player and two-player gameplay screens, as of August 2020

iconA fringe-case(?) StepMania 5.3 theme, centered entirely around the "para" game mode.
Not a direct ParaParaParadise emulation, but something more original - and (hopefully) more advanced, too.
For a more flattering write-up, take a look at the page about it on EKS-D ParaPara's website.
...Or you can look at my slightly less flattering writeup...

MDS (Magic Dance System)

Two-player gameplay, as of August 2020. fallback note explosion lol

iconAnother SM5.3 theme (although it didn't start with 5.3), less fringe-case this time. It's a pet project of sorts that I've been adding to, on and off, since the start of 2017(!).
It's on semi-hiatus right now though, 'cause finishing ParaMania is a bit more important to me.
You may want to look at the dedicated page for it.

Other stuff

Well... You can take a look at my main simfile category on ZiV? I haven't been adding much to it as of late 'cause of bigger projects, but hey.

I'm definitely not working on anything related to the "ez2" game mode, or the old/dead series EZ2Dancer. Nope.