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Current version: Alpha release 2 (26 September 2020)
Page last updated: 26/09/2020

Uhh... What?

EKS-D ParaMania is a theme for StepMania 5.3, made in the image of western paralist group EKS-D ParaPara. It is designed around the "PARA" game mode; it's not a direct ParaParaParadise emulation, but something more original and (hopefully) advanced.
This theme is still a heavy WIP, though; I'm releasing an early version to the public now because if I don't put aside all my perfectionist stuff (and anxiety) for half a minute, it might never be public!

Who plays the "para" game mode anymore?

I know ParaParaParadise controllers are very uncommon in the modern day, but I'm sure with enough willpower and sketchy hardware knowledge, they could be recreated.
Anyway, for some of their anime convention outings, EKS-D brings a PS2 running PPP along with this big, re-inforced PPP controller. I think they intend on running a SM setup with this theme instead of the PS2 PPP game, 'cause, you know... You can put anything on StepMania !

So, um... are there simfiles involved?

Yes, but it seems like we still haven't gotten an initial, hand-picked batch yet. If something presentable comes up, I'll probably link it here.
Anyway, the files made alongside the theme are all based on EKS-D's original routines, and include Freestyle charts too.
I also used a difficulty slot to try an experimental/alternate ParaPara chart style, involving adding fake notes and mines(!!) to mark motions that don't reach the sensors, hopefully aiding memorization of para routines.

Why isn't the theme on GitHub?

A combination of me being very particular with how I want the theme made, and me being very stubborn about finishing it on my own. Nothing personal against anyone, honest!

Downloads and stuff

The theme itself: Google Drive | MEGA mirror soon, probably
Everything else: via the page on EKS-D's website