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Old-school "Dollz"

Three pixel art 'Dollz', with a small character size, long exaggerated proportions and large eyes.At last, an overlap between "old internet" and "hobbyist pixel art"! Okay, so it's not a specific type of pixel art I do very often, but it's still worth bringing up.
"Dollz" were apparently a HUGE thing when I was a bab... y'know, when I vehemently rejected anything "girly". (AHEM) So, I think I caught the tail end of all that when I was a newly-depressed young teen.

And then The Doll Palace went down. (panic)

And then the Doll Maker Script that most of the dollz websites used went down. (PANIC)

But it's fine! We still have some old-school websites around, along with some sweet pixelling skills, right?

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A cat as seen in the late 90s virtual pet series, Petz - rendered entirely with spheres (balls) and connecting lines. The cat features neon green details and wireframe-style additions to its body on its left side, and a natural grey/white coat on its right side.Since finding Catz 5 at a T.K. Maxx, tiny child me (like, 7-8 years old, no joke) was super ultra into the pre-Ubisoft Petz games - where cats and dogs were rendered in balls and lines, able to run on even low end PCs in 1998. I didn't know how to make anything impressive and my "website" was never actually uploaded, but I sure did love those digital kitties - even after the disaster early on where a massive chunk of 50+ cats ran away, and even my favorite cat was left shaken up (or, you know, I just legitimately didn't know how to play a game for children). I'm not sure when I eventually got Catz 4 (and Dogz 4), but it's been lingering on my computers since.
But... I was never really an active member of the community, and my scattered attempts to get back into the game (and the community) eventually deflated and crashed every. single. time. I eventually learned to hex edit pet files to a fairly decent degree, but is it really... you know... enough?

Despite these consistent difficulties and my current inactivity with the games, they're just too important to little me to ignore forever; I'll have to make a page on Petz at some point, whatever purpose it may serve. Until then, I'll leave some important (to me) links related to the game and its community - and maybe you can try it yourself, who knows!

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UTAU? (feat. my social anxiety/paranoia)

A pixel art 'doll' with a small character size, long exaggerated proportions and large eyes.UTAU is the very old freeware* Vocaloid-alike users make their own voicebanks for. It... does the job, especially if you don't have access to anything fancier. I have yet to successfully complete a song using a UTAU voice, but maybe this'll change since OpenUTAU is actually usable compared to the original software. I don't like dealing with people though, so I've tried to find voicebanks that (to the best of my understanding) specifically don't require prior permission for use in songs sold online, distributed through services that would make them available on music streaming platforms, miraculously appearing on CD compilations, etc (I don't know the where line between "doujin use" and "commercial use" is, and I'd rather not find out the hard way). This list probably isn't useful in the context of making character merchandise, corporate or otherwise.

Names in【surname•first name】order. Many of these websites are in Japanese only - it's assumed that you can either read Japanese or have a reliable translator on hand. Usage descriptions provided are just for quick reference; please don't ignore per-website/per-voicebank usage rules. Let's try and make life as easy as possible for everyone, yeah?

I sort of threw this list together for myself on a whim and don't really have any flourish (or visual aids) to present it with, whoops. It's growing big enough that I'm going to have to do something about it at some point

This list made possible after many days of digging through UTAU Visual Archive (Japanese) (has since become region-locked) and UTAU Wiki (English)


Actually, I've been working hard at trying to get a basic CV voicebank into a presentable state. If I do - or when I give and upload it as-is - I'll put it on its own page.