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What would a web page be without some adopted frens!??
Maybe you'll even see something you like enough to adopt yourself.
Don't adopt them off this page, though. That's weird.

A Lunar Dragon adopted from a section of an archived site all about dragons, with a lotta broken images. I obviously wasn't able to fill out the proper adoption form, but I'm sure Whisp here doesn't mind...
A Gryph adopted from defunct Petz fan site, Magonda. There used to be a mostly-intact, non-Wayback archive of the website; but around the end of July or the beginning of August, the hosting company decided to shut down web hosting. GAAAAAAAAAAAAA--
Viperwolves adopted from an old version of Supernova, another Petz fan site. Should I start a Petz fan site (or, well, make a subsection on this site)? Little me always wanted to run a Petz website.

p.s. Pray for Leetles (and my account there lol)
Riako 💔 Squiby 2017(?) + I'm sorry to the "10k click" adoptable that I put on a click exchange and then abandoned, lol ;w;