I do StepMania things. Who'd have thought?
Here's proof that I make things.

Finished projects

Uhh... haha, well, you see...........

WIP projects

EKS-D ParaMania

Single-player and two-player gameplay screens, as of August 2020

iconA fringe-case(?) StepMania 5.3 theme, centered entirely around the "para" game mode.
Not a direct ParaParaParadise emulation, but something more original - and (hopefully) more advanced, too.
For a more flattering write-up, take a look at the page about it on EKS-D ParaPara's website.
...Or you can look at my slightly less flattering writeup...

MDS (Magic Dance System)

Two-player gameplay, as of August 2020. fallback note explosion lol

iconAnother SM5.3 theme (although it didn't start with 5.3), less fringe-case this time. It's a pet project of sorts that I've been adding to, on and off, since the start of 2017(!).
It's on semi-hiatus right now though, 'cause finishing ParaMania is a bit more important to me.
You may want to look at the dedicated page for it.

Other stuff

Well... You can take a look at my main simfile category on ZiV? I haven't been adding much to it as of late 'cause of bigger projects, but hey.

I contributed some charts (primarily "para" game mode charts) to an indie eurobeat circle's official simfile pack.

I'm definitely not working on anything related to the "ez2" game mode, or the old/dead series EZ2Dancer. Nope.