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What would a web page be without some adopted frens!??
Maybe you'll even see something you like enough to adopt yourself, in which case clicking the image will usually lead you to the source website.
Don't adopt them off this page, though. That's weird.

Pets from Chicken Smoothie, a classic site... and these are just the ones that fit this site's color scheme!

Not really traditional adoptables and the images are a bit large, but I don't really care.
a ghost
I got my Ghost BILL MURRAY at Connections 2000!
I found these on an old external drive dating back to around 2007, along with other similar faerie adopts (and some accessories) from the same source. But I don't have an associated URL for them! I'll update this to link to their proper source if I'm able to find it during Wayback trawls or something... Thanks to Neocities user saccharine-circus for finding the actual URL
A Lunar Dragon adopted from a section of an archived site all about dragons, with a lotta broken images. I obviously wasn't able to fill out the proper adoption form, but I'm sure Whisp here doesn't mind...
A Gryph adopted from defunct Petz fan site, Magonda. There used to be a mostly-intact, non-Wayback archive of the website; but around the end of July or the beginning of August, the hosting company decided to shut down web hosting. GAAAAAAAAAAAAA--
Viperwolves adopted from an old version of Supernova, another Petz fan site. Should I start a Petz fan site (or, well, make a subsection on this site)? Little me always wanted to run a Petz website.

p.s. Pray for Leetles (and my account there lol)

Riako 💔 Squiby 2017(?) + I'm sorry to the "10k click" adoptable that I put on a click exchange and then abandoned, lol ;w;