sso,, around 2016, when user-made adoptable site Squiby was still online, i took a shot at making my own series of adoptables!!
CHARM MIX - Connect Them Together! Collect Them All!
they were heavily based on the sort of novelty keychains you can get out of arcade coin pushers, gift/tat shops, etc, though for the purposes of squiby they were presented as little gacha balls (though obviously their contents weren't random). the idea was that you could collect a bunch and make a whole connecting keychain of toys!! i managed to get some initial sets out onto squiby, along with a few requests, before the deteriorating state of the website and some people who went there just to be toxic got to me and i ragequit :'') there's obvs more to the squiby story than that but i dont really wanna talk about it longer than i need to 💔

something that i had planned (but never came to be) was the concept of "mixing" certain adopts together - not by like, breeding toys, but by sprinkling fairy dust onto the toys!
owl keychain + magic-activated fairy dust = ???
amongst the normal keychain toys were little bottles of fairy dust, again like what you find at gift/tat shops sometimes. when levelled up enough after gaining the keychain link, they'd become "magical" and eligible for mixing with a normal keychain toy! this would lead to really pretty variations on the normal toys, with altered color palettes and glitter and everything 🥺 i only made one of these as a demonstration but i still really like it aaaaa


so now that i've absolved myself of sin, why don't you take a trinket or two home with you? just keep some standard rules in mind--

  1. don't claim as your own
  2. don't resell (idk why you would but don't do it lmao)
  3. link back - preferably to this page you're on right now to make things easier!
  4. save the images to your own server~! direct linking is still kinda not good even in the year 2021

oh, and i think these were made with a slight bit of transparency so they might look a little odd based on your page's background color? idk it's been a while--

the frenssssssss

you can mouse over each distinct "row" for brief info on each trinket type if u want

if you adopt the linking versions, don't forget the keychain ends~
if your site's css puts spacing between images it may be a bit harder to use the linking versions tho