oh... riako (who's me, but not really me) wants me to write about myself
the thought of being open like that scares me
I'll do my best

so.... everyone has a little part of themselves that they don't really wanna factor into everyday life

for some reason, Riako decided that unwanted part of her was the part that's "girly" and likes cute things

so um... now this exaggerated persona exists (that's me). i worry that I'm expressing myself more based on an exaggeration of how certain people act, rather than how I really want to express myself, but it feels necessary to convey the kind of vibe i want to go for and to keep people from getting the Wrong Idea about me

i hope I can "find myself" and i hpoe riako grows more accepting of me shsgdfsgh

oh yeah... this kawaii page's layout was originally made (and still is) in the image of Ruby Kurosawa from LoveLive! Sunshine!!
she's extremely shy but she always does her best at everything. she's such a mood,,